Baby Ferrets Ready For Their New Home

Come on in and check out our baby ferrets!  We focus on the things that are important to pet owners – health and temperament, to help ensure long, healthy lives. Which is why we only get our ferrets from Path Valley Farm Inc.™ ; they only breed the highest quality ferrets, for pets only.  Path Valley Farm Inc.™ ferrets are genetically diverse.
All Path Valley Farm, Inc.™ ferrets are spayed/neutered and de-scented before they leave the farm to help prevent health problems associated with unchecked reproduction and aplastic anemia deaths in unspayed females. The kits also receive their first canine distemper vaccination (you will need to get them two more from your veterinarian ). All Path Valley Farm Inc.™ ferrets come with the Path Valley Farm Inc.™ Guarantee. This is your guarantee that the ferret you are bringing home is a healthy animal and it is our assurance to you that the ferret was not bred for research or for fur!