Banded Bamboo Shark

Banded Bamboo Sharks

banded bamboo shark

Grow up to 40.9 inches in length

Are from the western Pacific Ocean

Eat foods including pieces of fresh shrimp, scallops or marine flesh impaled on a feeding stick

Will also eat frozen foods made especially for sharks

Will eat crustaceans and small fish and may topple corals not securely attached to rocks in reef tanks

When full grown they need a minimum aquarium size of 260 gallons

Acclimate well to the home aquarium life

juveniles can be reclusive and may take time before they start to feed

Can grow up to 11.8 inches in a year

Provide stable ledges and caves as it is a very good digger and an unstable structure can topple and hurt it

Will breed in larger aquariums laying egg cases on the bottom or side of the aquarium

Egg cases are readily available from pet stores and usually take a 138-160 days to hatch but, this is highly dependent on temperature