Hi-Fin Rainbow Wolf Fish

Hi-fin Rainbow Wolf Fish

Hi-Fin Rainbow Wolf Fish

Erythrinus erythrinus

Grow to about 8 inches long

Min of a 30 gal tank

pH range between 5.5 and 7.5

Temperature is 71.6 to 78.8

The diet must consist of meat based items such as shrimp, earthworms or carnivore based pellet as long as the pellet is not too small

Should only be kept with robust equally-sized tank mates due to its predatory nature

Can NOT be kept with other wolf fish as this will result in battles for dominance

These fish have no reported breeding in captivity

The tank should have abundant floating vegetation some hiding places and some open floor space and have a secure fitting tank top

In the wild the diet consists of insects, crustaceans, and other fish

Hunts in the slow moving waters of Central South America

These fish will lay on the bottom and ambush unsuspecting prey with a lighting fast strike

Males will have a larger dorsal fin and a considerably larger pelvic (ventral) fin than the females

Pictured is Erythrinus sp. ‘Preu’ identifiable by the larger amount of orange in the dorsal fin and the bold orange splashes on it sides